Zac here…

and welcome to my site. I’ve been blogging since 2015 and decided to create this website to start a new chapter.

I have a writer’s mind and love that sharing my life experiences and insights has helped others improve their lives as well. Whether you found me because of my writing about family, the military, podcasts on fatherhood or interviews about developing life purpose, it makes no difference; you’re here and I hope you enjoy the content being delivered.

Why Start a New Blog?

As I eluded to in the intro above, I’m not new to blogging but Zachary Small definitely is.

How so?

When I started writing I was in the military and was looking to avoid any violation of participating in “political activities” and I figured, so long as I used a pen name (Hunter Drew) I could write about whatever I wanted.

Then I left the service and considered switching back to Zac, but at that point I thought, what if future employers didn’t like my writing on masculinity, fatherhood, or my anti-politically correct rhetoric?

So I kept the pen name.

Well, The Family Alpha Blog, Podcast, YouTube, and my coaching services as well as growth on Twitter became so successful I was able to leave my 9-5 and work for myself. This set the inevitable decision to leave the pen name and begin something new.

What is Leadership & Action About?

Leadership and Action is about:

  • Personal Leadership
  • Family Leadership
  • Community Leadership

I’ll be writing and speaking about the necessity of each and how we can all improve our life experience by taking greater ownership on the direction we’re headed.

Not just as individuals but our family, friends, and community at large. I’ll be interviewing others and getting insights from action takers across the world from every field of study.

From the father who steps up to lead youth sports to the Sailors and Soldiers on the front line, to teachers at home and small business owners looking to leave their neighborhoods better than they found them.

How Can You Get The Most From Leadership & Action?

As you go through the articles and podcasts, don’t just read them with the intent to gain knowledge or pass the time, read with the intent to apply.

Take the lessons learned and apply them to your life.

If you want total access to the content, be sure to follow of social media as well as join the email list.

My email list is treated like a newsletter, a few emails a week with exclusive content and deals which won’t be found anywhere else.

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