May 21, 2020

Finding Opportunity in Chaos

I was recently joined by my sister to discuss how (and why) she decided to launch a soap business (her company: James’s Pure and Wholesome Skincare) three months after having her son, James.

To add to the story, James was born with Prader-Willi Syndrome (Click for More Info on PWS) which required him to remain in the NICU for 46 days.

So a month and a half after Brie gave birth her baby finally came home and a month a half after that, she decided that her and her fiance would launch their own company.

Ep. 009: Developing Your Character and Finding Community feat. Dean Abbott Leadership and Action

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  1. Ep. 009: Developing Your Character and Finding Community feat. Dean Abbott
  2. Ep. 008: From Homeless To Hopeful An Entrepreneur's Journey feat. Jeff Putnam
  3. Ep. 007: Why I Don't Use The Term "African American"
  4. Ep. 006: An Introduction To Firearms And Home Security With Guest Mr Swift
  5. Ep. 005: Why We should Support The Thin Blue Line

People always use, “the timing wasn’t right” to justify inaction, in this podcast we counter that narrative and make the point that you must be the one to decide your fate.

Waiting for the “perfect opportunity” will leave you on the sidelines of life and is sure to grow the list of regrets you’ll have when your time comes to an end.

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