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May 8, 2020

The Life & Death of Hunter Drew

Hello, this is Zac the artist formerly known as Hunter Drew.

I’ve written under a pen name for 6 years+.

As Hunter I’ve:

  • Created a blog with a million+ views.
  • A YouTube channel with thousands of views and 2k+ Followers
  • A Twitter account with 25,500+ Followers
  • Given speeches in front of hundreds and heard by thousands
  • Created a private group that’s brought men together electronically and physically from across the globe.
  • Helped thousands of men fix themselves, their marriages, relationships, and bonds with their children.
  • Built a brand that enabled me to walk from my comfortable and secure government 9-5 to work for myself doing what I love.
  • Written a book that was published on Amazon.
  • Created a course that’s hosted on Gumroad.

and then I decided I was going to walk away from it all.

I’m not walking away in the sense that I’m deleting it all and going underground, no way as the words are too valuable to the many men who need them.

Instead, I’ve decided to take the final step and drop the pen name in order to build an empire with my proper name – Zachary Small.

Why not remain ANON?

Simple, it wasn’t for me.

I’ve proven my message could carry it’s own weight over the years, shifting to my “real world” self wasn’t a ploy to get more street cred, that’s already been established.

I simply did not like having a pen name.

My military service, lifestyle, and family are exactly what I’ve said; you’ll find no gaps between Hunter and Zac.

The biggest difference now is I don’t have to blur out the location I’m at, hide certain details of my work or real world friends, I fucking hated that.

Why did it take so long?

Comfort was a primary reason, why change something that’s working? I was making money, traveling, helping men, and meeting a lot of interesting people in the process, who cared what my actual name was?

Answer: Me.

Privacy was another one, I went through some relationship/marriage issues with my wife and used my platform to work through it all. That raw confession to the public was rough, but I had to remain true and share my failures as well as success if I could continue to write and look myself in the mirror.

Having that public wasn’t something I was too proud about, but it’s a part of our story and one I’m not running from, my family is better than ever.

Fear was there as well. I know we’re supposed to face it head on immediately, but what if I couldn’t rebuild the site to the levels of TFA? What if I was hit financially to where it permanently hurt us? What if I lost my voice trying to build myself back from the ground up?

At the end of the day I decided, I’d rather go out on my feet than last 20 more years on my knees, a slave to the pen name.

What’s next?

You’re reading it.

Writing here, Podcasting on the Leadership and Action Podcast, Coaching men one on one and with the resources I’ve created, and living the life same as I was before.

I look forward to continuing forward on this journey with eyes forward and shoulders back, finally facing the world as the man I’ve always been, except now, you know it’s really me.

If you’d like to support the work I’m doing or donate for any benefit it may have brought to your life, the best way to do so would be via one of the means below.

Thank you.

Bitcoin 159R5cRCRGp1zWx9JHkYZaCjBd1rkQMQgx

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