I’ve been writing to help those in need since 2011…

Since then I’ve helped thousands of men (and a few women) help themselves by taking control over the direction of their lives.

The time required to write the blog posts, get content on the Podcast, run the YouTube is all on top of my duties to my wife and two children.

I do not have sponsors and I do not run ads, I believe each would detract from the message being delivered; a message which is literally saving the lives per the emails I’ve received.

It is my aim that my blog, podcast, and all other resources remain true and pure. The financial support I’ve received up to this point has allowed me to write more, record more, give more speeches, and ultimately help more individuals who needed it.

Through the generosity of people like you, I’ve been able to continue doing this for the past 5 years.

If my content has benefited you in any way and you’d like to say thanks, please use one of the means below to supporting the work and helping it continue for many years to come:

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Dogecoin DFabnbWiB2ZT4wu21tBmKC2BY241DhYHwq

Thank you in advance for all of the continued support.

Not a single dollar is taken for granted as I know you’re finding my message worthy of compensation with money you earned from time dedicated to your profession.

I wish you well,

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